Header Examples

uDesign offers great options for customizing the header and makes it really easy to design the header style you need for your website. The menu can be positioned anywhere you’d like from top to bottom and with left, right or center alignment. You may also choose a background color just for the menu and set the level of transparency if you need to, There are different ways to add more information like phone number, social icons etc. by activating a secondary menu area at the top or with the help of widgets.

Here are some examples below, but there are more combinations that can be easily achieved.



321 Street Name, UK, London
Phone: (000) 765-4321
Fax: (000) 765-4321
Website: http://yoursitename.com
Email: info@yoursitename.com


Important: This site has been setup purely for demonstration purposes and all the content are designed to showcase the uDESIGN WP theme as it could look on a live site.
All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.