I have several webpages based on others template, but U-design is the best! Very easy configuration, documentation, and most importantly the best technical support. Read more →

– FoxterPL

The Best Support & Theme By Far! Anyone looking to buy a theme should check this out! Its not only the best theme I have ever used but also has is my opinion the best support system you can get. If you ever need help with anything just ask the question in the support forum and you never wait more than a couple of hours for a reply (mostly within 1-2 hours). … The theme it self is amazing with so many great features to help you achieve the results that you want!. Read more →

– jonpedlow

I came into this process knowing some very basic HTML , being familiar with WordPress, being able to follow reasonably good directions, and having some reasonable confidence in my technical savvy-ness and so far so good. You definitely don’t need to be a pro or an expert to understand how to use this theme – just some patience and willingness to have a trial and error process. Read more →

– successjustclicks

U-Design WordPress Theme is Amazing, I find I can get anything done that I want for making a website. Very powerful and adaptive Theme. I dont know what else I could want in a Theme. The support is not good, it is Fantastic!! Read more →

– scottmchenry

So, even with such a great and flexible theme, the customer service alone makes it more than worth the purchase price, and I will certainly be purchasing a second license for my other website once I get this one finished. Thanks to both the developer and ThemeForest for such a great and easy experience! Read more →

– Clean4Quality

I will remember you till my death for this awesome theme along with excellent support with outstanding attitude to help people thru internet. Read more →

– single

I can honestly say that not only is U-Design a great theme, but the support, updates, and maintenance provided by Andon are first class. If you’re considering buying a license, take it from me. You won’t get better, more responsive service anywhere. Read more →

– ajw627

been using u design for all my recent projects. support is the best ive had on themeforest themes. Read more →

– robertscott

I am a physician with very little technical knowledge when it comes to the web. I struggle with html and find the mechanics of site-building fairly tedious …. Within a couple of days I was able to produce a fully functional, professional looking site. I actually feel that (with a mental health break) I could easily create another beautiful and unique site for a friend if they asked. And it’s this U-design theme that would make it possible. Read more →

– pbartonmd

I may be a newb but surprising I often get asked to recommend a theme and ever since I found this theme I always send them here. Not only is the support great this theme is so versatile. Read more →

– Brandon1980

I am a total beginner!!! Bought UDesign about 6 weeks ago, and I am working on my first website. So you guys can only imagine how many questions I have. Yet, the support forum has answers for just about anything and everything, and as far as customer support, I have had all my questions answered within 6 hours or less. Read more →

– davutor

I purchased and am using U-Design for my WSite, and have to say that, Customer Service has been, truly top notch, the forum, has TONS of information, and the template has unlimited possibilities. Read more →

– davutor

1. It’s by far the easiest theme to upload and change. 2. It has so many more features than other themes 3. The site seems smoother from page to page than other themes 4. seo – people can find the website fast 5. The theme can be used for any company since there are several ways to change how the theme looks! 6. The support was quick and fast. Read more →

– cathyfaith

Everything the author says about this theme, including the best support available is ABSOLUTELY true! I have used this theme on several websites and have never had any problems or a question that went unanswered. And not only does the author provide great service, but so do the many who frequent the forum. So if you’re thinking about buying this theme… you can rest assured it’s a wise choice! It’s been #1 for a reason and I’m sure it will keep its place as the best. Read more →

– neostead

This is the BEST and most customizable theme on ThemeForest in my personal opinion! You can’t go wrong with it. Not only that, but the support is just as good. I have purchased almost 100 themes and plugins from here and I am most pleased with U-Design. In fact, I have made it my starting place for all new projects. Read more →

– neostead

I have build a site with UDesign last year, before the major sales, before price changes. Since then, I have purchased 8 other themes for 5 projects, and not 1 came even close to level of support and usability of the theme. Man, just wanted to say Hi. I miss your excellent support, it is such an afterthought for so many? Read more →

– Lubiland

I paid $35 over a year ago, but would pay that again if I had to. Still one of the best themes in the forest! Well worth the 50 bucks! The support alone is worth so much more. You are my hero man Read more →

– Lubiland

This is hands down the best wordpress theme I have ever used and the support could not be any better!! Perfect business!! Thank you very much. Read more →

– VernK

I purchased this theme as my first theme on WP. I am coming off Joomla so my learning curve is pretty steep because I’m moving in a hurry (site host issues). I have to say that I’m extraordinarily pleased with this theme. For WP newbies like myself, I have not had a single question that is not answered on the forum or the documentation, and once you get the hang of the Dashboard in WP, this theme is actually very easy to understand. Read more →

– onlyred

Hi internq7 !!! u-design is unbelievably EXTRAORDINARY 7 STARS !!! Many compliments for your programming very high quality !!! Thank you very much for selling this GREAT WP theme. Read more →

– nicoshop

Just want to let you know that I bought these theme for my company website. It is so awesome and easy to mingle with and this won’t let you down. Tried other themes, but this is – in my humble opinion – the very best I have ever tried. So easy to customize. Read more →

– BusyBusiness

Thanks internq7! Our Australian Visa website appeared in Google search results (from nowhere to first page) for our target keywords after redesigning it using this WordPress Theme. Very SEO friendly! Read more →

– arceex

The theme is awesome Andon!!! But I thing that the best comparing with other themers is the support that you provide. Really amazing. Read more →

– Jaygm

This is simply the best WordPress theme for any kind of website (not just corporate). Just be patient when configuring. There are so many options and you can change everything without coding or technical knowledge. The documentation that comes with the theme is so elaborate with images (screenshots) that you won’t need to ask any questions. Read more →

– zipbasket

Wow, what a portfolio… is there anything that can’t be done with this template?! Fantastic – multiple license purchases coming your way Read more →

– KeyserSoze_UK

More than the theme’s capabilities and easy backend, I highly recommend it for the support andon offers. He provided detailed answers to all my questions/concerns within a few hour of my asking them Read more →

– AryaStark

As a beginner to Word Press…the support of received from this theme’s author has been amazing. He was able to answer all my questions (even when they were really basic). After learning my way around, it is amazing all the stuff you can do with this theme. Read more →

– lmnop311

Many thanks for the “outstanding” support. You must have ten arms and 10 extra hamsters running in that head of yours. I have no idea how you can respond so quickly, thoroughly with such a huge following. Read more →

– chowder

I would just like to say that I have been using this theme for over year now, and it is the best theme I have ever used!
I have also recommended it to a number of other people and worked on it for them, so easy, so straight forward. I have even made a Japanese site with this theme, worked beautifully. Read more →

– Steiner

what a breath of fresh air – someone on the interwebs who clearly knows what they are talking about and can be bothered to provide friendly patient and comprehensive support. at the price of this theme all this adds up to a real bargain – i’ll never bother with another theme. or recommend any other theme. awesome. Read more →

– janimal

Top-notch theme, easy to customize just about everything, and runs like a top too! thanks! Read more →

– volta88

This definitely the best theme I have used to date. I’ve used a few but what has done it for me is the incredible service I have been by Andon. I won’t go into detail but can confirm that he has gone way beyond my expectations. Read more →

– EltonCraig

Beautiful theme. Congrats for your work Intern. Bought the theme for my own personal website, not for a client job. Read more →

– PopeMarinaru

Awesome job Andon. Wonderful theme! Great support forum too with extra help from the man himself if it’s really needed. Read more →

– djsuz

I did a lot of research (many hours) in trying to find a WP theme that offered a lot of customization options. My search for the perfect WP theme ended when I bought this theme. Read more →

– Andy007

This item seriously rocks! 5 stars from me! Congratulations! Read more →

– ggirtsou

Perhaps the single best theme I’ve ever bought. Seamless integration with WPML for multilingual sites, and the BEST customer support I’ve ever had for any price. Read more →


He even went so far as to write me a little html code for my footer which I never could have done myself, all because I had to many menu selections and they ran over into other space. Read more →


Andon stands behind his work, was exceptionally helpful in getting us past any blocks and solving issues… all of which were related to our inexperience. I am so pleased with the results that I am planning a second purchase of the same template for my site site. Thanks. Read more →

– globalpsychics

U-Design is well worth the purchase, and I’m definitely going to use this theme, or other ones from andon, for future web development. (Another big factor here is how, as I have noticed, the tech-support that the author & other theme users provide in the theme’s forum is really phenomenal). Read more →

– yudok9741

Thank you so much. We will gladly purchase more licenses. It is the best money that we have ever spent! Read more →

– Clodrosome

I have tried various themes and as a newbie to WordPress and all, I recommend this one as it is not only easy to set-up but has a lot of instructions and manuals and also the forums to help. Read more →

– Freagle

Wow, thanks for the quick response – and the great suggestions. Your support on your themes is awesome! Read more →

– ncwd

You not only gave us one of the best themes of WordPress but extended your professional support that always touched us. Read more →

– single

This is definitely the best theme and best support in this site. Read more →

– noemon

Buy this theme NOW ! It is the easiest to use, most customizable, quick product support and great price theme I have come across! I’ve used a few themes and this is by far the best of them all. Read more →

– johncatibog

Thanks for the great theme and the quick support when you need it. Keep up the good work ! Read more →

– photooseu

hello! I want to thank you for this theme that I bought it. is excellent and in terms of SEO is very strong support. Regard and thanks again. Read more →

– danielbusuioc

This is, by far, the most efficient and customizable theme I have ever used. I will be using this theme in the future for the majority of the sites I will be building. As for support, you can’t beat it! Read more →

– thod24

I sent an email on Superbowl Sunday and had a reply within the hour. I actually didn’t expect to see a reply until Monday or Tuesday, but was pleasantly surprised when I saw it in my inbox. Way to go! You have a lifelong customer. Read more →

– thod24

Just wanted to say what fantastic support I have received! I’m a total newbie at this and mess everything up when updating to a new version of u-design.. Andon was brilliant Read more →

– zanna67

This theme is rock solid! Well done! The customization options are incredible. Read more →

– ddgameworld

Wow, this is one of the most comprehensive themes I’ve seen. Kudos on your success thus far. Read more →

– wayno007

Just wanted to say thanks. Great theme. Easy to setup, and great results! Read more →

– MarkDalton

Words cannot describe how good this theme is. Im a freelance WP theme developer and am extremely impressed with it’s features, great job – highly recommended! Read more →

– intypemedia

Three simple words from a non-web geek: This theme rocks!!! I would highly recommend this theme to anybody that wants to build a powerful but yet flexible website! In addition, the customer service is truly provides top notch!!! Read more →

– windshieldrepairdocs

Awesome theme. The structure is great and it’s easy to customize. Most of all, I absolutely love your support forum which you frequent (almost daily) to answer all of the questions/comments. Highly recommended! Read more →

– overflowmag_09

Thank you, thank you!! This theme has been an absolute joy to customize. No problems what so ever!!! Read more →

– kloader

….really doesn’t count that much as this must have been said n number of times…
But I must say it again…this is one of the best template I ever used…
Recommended for sure. Read more →

– prosenjeet

Fabulous theme. Easy to install, use and looks incredible. Thank you for creating this!!!! Read more →

– patsaizan

First of all, I cannot describe the clever functionality of this theme. It is stunning. Secondly, the options given are to compared with premium services that someone would have to pay ten times the money of this theme… Thirdly, after a long talk with myself, I have found out while many themes were offering much to users, still their designs lacked functionality. This one is based on the end user perspective and that is what I like. Read more →

– pixelsign

Bought this theme for my www.projetoreservado.com. I haven’t bought any theme before, so I’m fully satisfied with this one! Easy to manage, clean enough, awesome! Read more →

– lf_xavier

You’re the first coder I’ve seen so far on CodeCanyon.net that actually develops FOR THE CUSTOMER , so thoroughly, that it feels like you’re reading our minds when we’re using the U-Design theme. Read more →

– brentwz

I have purchased every one of your themes Internq7,and I think you deserve all the success you are having on Themeforest.I dont even have to customize the themes anymore-its become too easy. Read more →

– trickobrien

Andon has perhaps the greatest customer service I’ve ever experienced. I only wish there were more ways to repay him other than write reviews. thanx andon Read more →

– rstead

Three words. DO NOT HESITATE ! Buy it now! You absolutely will not regret it. I don’t know how he does it, keeping up with all of us, but he does. With class, speed and professionalism. I’m quite new to the design world and still have so much to learn but this theme made it easy to produce a site with little effort. Read more →

– danagirl29

This is really a Brilliant and very good work! Read more →

– nagareth

Great design, easy to use and well documented. Excellent work. Read more →

– ltrucillo

I just came back to give you five stars because this theme is amazingly flexible and very clean. I waited a few weeks to see how I got on with it before commenting. Also, your level of support is first class and the forum on your website is developing all the time into a really useful resource. Well done Andon you deserve any success that comes your way! Read more →

– lalucia

I bought this theme again….. it so so flexible and unique that we can mould it into any form. Thanks to the team who made this and also for the prompt help. One question: Do You Guys Ever Sleep…………. Read more →

– thekonsultant

Great theme for anyone new to WordPress & HTML …You don’t need to know any code to get your site to look exactly the way you want it. And, if you need anything that’s not provided in the manual, the support is super fast & thorough! Read more →

– SeeTheChangeNC

Seriously this is the most versatile and customizable theme, and ON TOP of that, internq7 provides AMAZING support with quick response times. I have purchased many themes and frameworks from themeforest, and have dealt with many of the other designers/developers, internq7 gets 5 out of 5 stars for quality of design, service and support. Read more →

– Consultoria


– single

Just wanted to say how wonderful this theme is, thank you so much. We have not had any problems at all and is so customisable. Read more →

– elitivia

Theme concept, support and the superb cooperation from the theme creator (andon) is praiseworthy. I checked internet for a long time to find out one of the best themes available on net and finally found this. This is one of my best decisions to buy this theme. Read more →

– single

I have been working with WordPress themes for a few years now and I have been lucky to have worked with some really great themes. But this by far the best. It’s powerful, flexible and, yet, very easy to work with. There is a fantastic support forum that is very active. The designer is friendly and approachable and works hard to sort out any problems. I should say the three problems I have had were all down to me, nothing to do with the theme. Read more →

– RedLion

For anyone thinking of purchasing the U Design theme, I have worked with WordPress themes for around 4 years now, and while I’m not an expert by any means, this theme is among my favorites. It is very easy to use, has great documentation, and the level of help you get from Andon and the others in the support forum is top notch. Read more →

– spicegator

I can’t say enough great things about this theme and the support behind it! If you’re on the fence, jump in!! Read more →

– megawattcom

Hello All Potential Buyers! If you are considering purchasing this theme, I say, “Do It!” If you want mega customization options and powerful support from the creator, then this theme is for you. I’ve had awesome results and comments from a site I recently built thanks to Andon’s U-Design : ) Read more →

– usagilbert

Discovering U-Design was the best thing I have come across for custom WP Theme Design! My mind was racing over the possibilities and it was a challenge NOT to use all the bells and whistles for my site development. The U-Design features alone are fantastic and well worth the investment, however, the support/feedback received by Andon, the theme-creator, is overwhelmingly strong! Read more →

– usagilbert

He is all about customer service and satisfaction unsurpassed by any other theme developers that I have worked with in the past. Thanks, Andon! Kudos to you for great thinking! – Hey. U-Deserve the elaborated review! : ) Read more →

– usagilbert

I’ve just got to say that this is not only the most feature rich and well coded WP theme I’ve ever purchased, but the continual improvements and outstanding customer support have made this author rank among the very best at ThemeForest. Read more →

– BookCreative

Just wanted to say, this is the single greatest theme I’ve ever purchased. And I’ve purchased MANY ! I don’t have to spend hours hunting around for a theme whose layout suits a clients site design cos this is SO easy to customize and if I ever get stuck your theme help forum is 2nd to none! Read more →

– arnspecs

First, thanks for such an awesome theme! I purchased this design on the 7th and I absolutely LOVE , LOVE, LOVE it! To anyone who’s on the fence about buying this or any other template from this designer his support forum CAN ‘T BE BEAT ! Read more →

– parkerrichardsmedia

His support forum is world class, customer service second to none! Super quick response time and always offering to go above and beyond to help. I will DEFINITELY be buying from you again! Read more →

– parkerrichardsmedia

This design rocks. What rocks more is the customer support you get with it. I’ve made/worked with plenty of wordpress themes and no other authors were as receptive as this team. Thanks again! Read more →

– jahrichie

It has been great working with this theme, and the developer support is unparallelled to any of the other themes I have worked with. Read more →

– mediamen

This is a beautifully designed and executed theme. Can’t think of a better one actually and we buy a lot. internq7/andon quickly (and patiently) answered our specific implementation questions in the uDesign support forum and helped me track down a nasty bug which was mostly caused by me coloring outside the lines of the theme. Read more →

– admo

I used this theme to setup a rather complex personal webspace which I used as a professional consultant. The implementation was a breeze, and I have been getting great feedback from my clients – they love the look and feel and for me maintenance is extremely easy – these designers did a great job! Read more →

– lapenri

Sorry for my off-topic but you’re my hero man 🙂 Have a great weekend!! Read more →

– hogash

Thank you for creating such a great theme. It really delivers on its promises. I have worked with a couple of WordPress themes in the past, and this one is by far the best one so far. You were very thorough with your instructions and tutorials. Read more →

– blueberryjunkie

Excellent design, easy to use theme and wonderful support. Thank you! Read more →

– BakingandBooks

This theme is A M A Z I N G !!! This is the best thing since sliced bread. I am serious. This thing is all-in-one couldnt ask for anything more. Thank you!! Read more →

– genevishgraphics

Bottom line, unless you’re a really advanced WP user (I’m not) you’re probably going to run into the odd issue that you need help with. With this theme you don’t just get a great-looking theme with the most comprehensive range of options I’ve seen on a WP theme (very important!) you also get someone who stands behind his work and will help you out when needed in a very reasonable response time… Read more →

– JohnnyAlpha

This is a great theme, very easy to install and use. I’ve had no issues what so ever and its super flexible/customizable. Read more →

– wyler_hbf

Fantastic Support! Ran into a slight issue trying to use the theme and was supported to completion of my site. As a newbie, those types of things make significant differences when choosing who to purchase things from! Great Support and so much Thanks, Read more →

– jcorey

I wish all themes were this easy to setup. Absolutely top notch. It’s a nice change of pace to be able to start working with a theme right away. There’s hardly even a need for documentation. Superb mate, you really thought of everything. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made here. Read more →

– tonvie

Great theme, super support – I highly recommend this theme for those who are looking for flexibility in design. I especially liked the amazing color pallets for type, all sections and the ability to upload backgrounds. The sliders are really terrific as well. Read more →

– jshapan

Not only is this theme awesome but I had an issue where I installed in incorrectly and they helped me fix it with in hours! Amazing. Read more →

– jacobwise

I recently bought this theme and it is excellent! It was very intuitive with great documentation. The small issue I had was easily dealt with via the U-design forum. Thanks for a great theme! Read more →

– sonjadurr

Great theme, user friendly, great support forum Read more →

– FayeFei

Wow, truly great, internq7. If you built as many WP sites as I have, you know that usually it is: “good luck getting the theme to look like the demo!” internq7 is so thorough in his documentation he even provides the exact code he uses to make the demo look like it does! Congrats on your success with this them internq7, it is much deserved. Read more →

– whata1

TO ALL WHO ARE CONSIDERING PURCHASING U -DESIGN, I’ve put up 100s of WP Sites over the years and worked with dozens of premium themes. NONE top this theme for ease of use and beautiful results. It does not require expertise! I installed it and SNAP it was doing what I tried to make my previous theme do for dozens of hours. Read more →

– whata1

I love this theme, it’s a stunner. It’s enabled me to build the site I’ve always wanted. I’ve had LOADS of compliments about it. And such a nice guy too… it’s rare to find someone who cares so much about the after-service. Read more →

– angelavaledogcare

Awesome template and documentation!! Read more →

– munchybugs

The documentation and information regarding how to edit the site is in itself a great investment, I have had troubled times on here due to non working or broken themes, this is the first template that has delivered, and also enabled me to fully complete my first clients site. Read more →

– Allseeingeye

Here I had the best support I ever had. Thanks a lot! Read more →

– daujoons

This is such a good theme to work with. It’s easy to use, the documentation is sweet and the support forum is great. Read more →

– UltramodGroup

I bought your theme early, but didn’t get around to digging into it until now…5 stars my friend! Well thought out and relatively easy to use. This should do quite well for you I think. Read more →

– BookCreative

This is the EASIEST , smartest, most cutomizable theme I have ever worked with on themeforest.net Thank you SO SO much for making it ! You’re a lifesaver Read more →

– coachw

Just one word: AMAZING ! Read more →

– Akimis

Only to say: Best theme i’ve never seen. Support is… great. The best buy in a long time. Read more →

– ozonito

The designer is super kind and offered me great advice before buying this theme. I am so happy to have such a great theme to use for my non profit company. Thank you so much for this amazing theme and the kindness you showed me. Read more →

– sweetcrabhoney18

I just gave you a 5 star rating after purchasing your theme yesterday! This is the best theme period! They way you explain to novice users how to modify the theme is amazing! Very intuitive! Plus, the thinking behind your theme is awesome! I wish more Themeforest designers could follow in your footstep when creating themes for sell! Keep it going, my friend! I’m following you now! Read more →

– ndasilva

This theme deserves 500 stars and then some!!!. The flexibility is absolutely phenomenal and it does a fantastic job in it’s presentation. There are awesome options for everything and once again – this is one of the best created themes I’ve come across. Read more →

– damiendasher

I didn’t look at the author, I just went straight to the preview and was WOW ‘ed! Then I looked at the author and it all made sense! Once again, you’ve thought of every possible option – great work! Read more →

– robertleblanc

You have done it again and even stepped it up a notch. You really have a knack for making very intuitive flexible wordpress themes that can be used for so many purposes. I bought your last theme and will definitely be buying this one by the end of the day. This one in my book is a must have. Again, great great work. Read more →

– damiendasher